gIRL IN tENTYou shall have no other gods before me. Deuteronomy 5:7


We are “downsizing” at our house. Well, I should say my husband is downsizing. I am taking one last leisurely trip down Memory Lane, holding each piece of “stuff” tenderly before making the painstaking decision whether or not I can let it go. My husband doesn’t think I’m serious about this project. He calls me a “pack rat” when he simply doesn’t see the importance of me keeping things “just in case.”  I took my shoes off the other night and he put them on EBay. Of course, this project does not apply to his fishing equipment.


The bottom line is that most of us in our country get hung up on possessions. God wants us to enjoy this life but He definitely doesn’t want us hopelessly distracted by “things.” When the material baggage we collect takes on more importance than the Creator Himself, that’s idolatry. And the Bible is very clear that we “shall have no other gods before” God. Period.


I lived in a thirty-three foot travel trailer when I was younger, and I am fascinated by the tiny house movement going on right now. My husband says we could move to a tiny house if he could have a huge shed for his “boy toys.” We are working out this plan for our “golden years.” But one thing is for sure: as we grow older, we both find ourselves focusing more on our relationships, with each other, the ones we love and care about, and our God. When God is our focus, any house is His.


Father of All Creation, walk with us through our lives and temper our desire for material things. Help us to put You first at all times, no matter how much or how little we possess in this life. Amen

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