RetiredHis master said to him, “Well done, good and trustworthy servant; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.” Matthew 25:21


While I was working, I thought I knew what retirement would be like. I would sleep late, eat a leisurely breakfast with my husband, read good books for hours, garden in the summer, cross-country ski in the winter. The grandchildren, who would all live in our neighborhood, would come to our house after school for milk and cookies until their parents got home from work. There would be nice, long trips in the winter to warm places like Florida and Hawaii. In the summer, we’d take the dogs and go to the lake where we would do more sleeping, reading and eating, along with fishing and hiking in the bucolic woods.


What was I thinking? My writing “career” involves speaking engagements, meetings, and “networking” activities. I feel like I meet myself coming home when I’m just leaving. Breakfast together might happen once a week. Two kids live out of state, one seventy-five miles away, and one across town—but their kids are in so many activities, their parents have considered starting a taxi company. The dogs have gotten old faster than we did, and they hate riding in the car. I’ve had so many joint surgeries, I don’t trust myself to get on my old skis, fearing I would fall down and freeze to death on the spot. My once-gorgeous gardens have succumbed to neglect, weeds and canine plundering. We are blessed with enough money to get by, but not to tour the world in grand fashion.


There is one thing I have done more of than I expected, and that is to spend time with God. I get up early to write this blog. Then, I read and study the Bible and pray. I attend a Bible study, and play drums and sing in a contemporary worship group at church. And I always look for opportunities to encourage other survivors of violence, sharing with them the hope that I find in my Living Lord. I’m not retired; I’m rewired!


God of Renewal, I sometimes felt “used up” when I worked, but now I want You to “use me up” for Your glory! Give me unexpected energy to serve You in my later years. Amen

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