UnfriendYou are my friends. John 15:14


Mark Zuckerberg and his “friends” created a new land called Facebook. The citizens’ identity “profile,” includes photos, interesting facts about themselves, and a life they choose to show us. Usually, that life includes exciting highlights—happy vacations to faraway places, children and grandchildren doing adorable things, and cats—lots of cats. Maybe the citizen will include a special personal item in his or her cyber-resume, such as a new car or boat, or $300 shoes or expensive jewelry (engagement rings, real or imaginary, are popular among female citizens). Drama is important to many; shocking facts and photos sometimes appear with predictable regularity on certain people’s pages. A Facebook resident’s worth is measured by the number of “friends” he has. A “friend” is a person who can view the cyber-life of another person, only by permission. If disagreements ensue, a citizen may “unfriend” another citizen. The topography of the Land of Facebook is rather flat, but it’s still possible to get lost there for huge chunks of time.


Facebook doesn’t have very good law enforcement, however. Crimes of all sorts are committed on Facebook that go largely unchecked. One of the most tragic is the cyber-bullying of teenagers, sometimes resulting in the targeted person taking her own life. Everyone agrees this is heartbreaking, but the Facebook rulers don’t do much about it. They just sit back and collect all the money they are making from ads the citizens are forced to view.


God has a “facebook” too. It’s called the Bible. God has a “presence” on every page; in fact, the words in the Bible are God, and they are living and real. The Bible contains exciting places like the wilderness of Kadesh, not made-up locations like Farmville. God doesn’t change the layout of the Bible without notice, although some people have taken great liberties with the Bible’s translation. No one tries to hack into the Bible. If they go there, it’s to read the Word of Life and try to live a better one. There are no crazy cat videos in the Bible, although there is a great story about a lion and a guy named Daniel. And God never, ever “unfriends” those who believe in Him. Start your Bible account today!


Ever-Present Father, cause us to seek Your “face” in the one true “facebook,” the Bible. Amen

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