CrowdBut now even more the report about Him went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear Him and to be healed of their infirmities. Luke 5:15


In my professional life, I greatly appreciated the service of administrative assistants in the offices where I worked. A good assistant can make the difference between a smoothly-run system and one that bogs down and frustrates both workers and those we serve. Office assistants directly affect the quality and quantity of the work accomplished. Many became so good at their jobs, they instinctively knew what we needed before we even asked. It’s been said that, in the workplace, interruptions are the real job: how we view them and how we handle them. In a word, the assistants made us look great. I am humbled by the work they do, often in the background and without much fanfare.


Jesus didn’t have an administrative assistant. He didn’t have an electronic calendar, email, an IPod, a smart phone, a policy and procedure manual, or weekly updates on who needed His healing services and how those services would be scheduled and delivered. He wasn’t told how long He should meet with any one person, yet He never seemed to be rushed to get to His next appointment or meeting. And Christ’s ministry was one of constant interruptions.


Consider a typical Day in the Life of Jesus. Our Lord had just heard about the death of John the Baptist (Mark 4:29). But no time to hang around and mourn. His disciples were returning from their Adventures with New Powers, all abuzz with the things they had done and taught in His name. He tells them to join Him for a relaxing boat ride, since nobody had rested or eaten (v.30). But here came the Multitudes, running around the lake and beating Jesus and the boys to the other side (v.35). Jesus taught them for a while, but then realized they must be hungry too, so He arranged a meal for five thousand of His Close Personal Followers (vs. 35-43). Then, He tells the disciples to hop back into the boat and head for the other side. After some quiet prayer time, Jesus treks right across the lake to overtake the boat, giving Peter a lesson in water walking on the way. Could you have kept up?


God of Boundless Energy, energize me! Amen


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