Man On Train tracksFor on my holy mountain, says the Lord God.., there I will require your contributions and the choicest of your gifts… Ezekiel 20:40


Someone once said, “If you’re all wrapped up in yourself, you’re overdressed.” If the only person your “package” is addressed to is you, you won’t be getting much for Christmas. God is counting on each of us to be part of His team. If we spend all of our time and energy in pursuit of only those things that serve ourselves in this earthly realm, we will be sadly unsatisfied when our lives are winding down. We will be like farm silos, each storing our own crops but not sharing with others. Like computer chips that disclose no information. All wrapped up and no place to go.


Sin is not only defined as committing an offense against God. Sin can also be defined as shutting oneself off completely from God and His creation, including other people. Now, I know I’m an extrovert and being around people energizes me. So all of you introverts probably think I’m bashing you. But both outgoing and in-looking folks have something to offer the Kingdom of God. If I could still my brain long enough, I could learn volumes from introspective Christians about prayer, meditation, and waiting upon God. Activities that often require long periods of stillness and concentration to be effective are the most difficult for me to tolerate. But it’s when our own pursuits leave us devoid of God’s goodness that we can be on a slippery slope.


Getting wrapped up in ourselves is an equal opportunity shortcoming. Everyone experiences it from times to time. But authentic spirituality in one’s life cannot occur unless there is balance. God knows we can get tangled up in worldly pursuits. When folks are asked, “What do you do?” most answer with their occupations. But our livelihoods, by themselves, fall short of describing who we are. If we become so wrapped up in our “doing” that we lose all other significance before God, we will soon find ourselves feeling farther from God than we want to be. Being encapsulated within ourselves leaves us little time to be captivated by all the things God is doing around us.


Call us, Father, in small ways or large, to become captivated by Your Word and Your people. Amen

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