Sign from God

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Others, to test him, kept demanding from him a sign from heaven. Luke 11:16


Do you ever speculate whether God is giving you signs that you somehow miss? I certainly do! We’ve all met people who think everything is a sign, from a gum wrapper on the ground to something the clerk at Walmart says. I don’t think I’d like to go through life like that, watching every second for a signal from God. But on the other hand, isn’t God speaking to us in some fashion all the time?


I had a sign shortly before I left my dysfunctional first marriage. I dreamed I had a huge glass shard in my arm that was bleeding profusely. I distinctly heard God say, “This glass is like your marriage. If you leave it in place, you will bleed to death. If you yank it out, it will hurt but it will heal.” Now I was pretty sure that was a sign, and it helped me make the decision to change my life. I’ve never regretted that decision, and I truly believe the dream was a profound message from God.


I’ve thought long and hard about that dream and what made me certain it was from God. I remember how it gave me the conviction, or certainty, that ending my marriage was the right thing to do. It puzzled me that I could find no specific passage of Scripture that supported that decision, but I knew God loved me and I knew He had great plans for me that I would never have achieved in my previous situation. From a human standpoint, at least, things were not going to change for me unless I made a new life for myself. I had spent my childhood in a dysfunctional family and, unfortunately I had chosen what was familiar to me rather than what was best for me. The circumstantial evidence was clear. Once the decision was made, I felt God’s peace like I had not felt in many years, and I knew I could trust Him to provide for me, which He did, abundantly. It didn’t matter to God how the first part of my life had gone; He was interested in the last chapter.


Heavenly Father, let me hear You clearly, whether You speak in a shout or a whisper. Amen

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