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Bill EllistonNow there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12:4


Bill Elliston is a professional cyclist who happens to be married to my niece, Virginia. Our whole family knows that Bill is very dedicated to his sport. When he is not racing in events all over the globe, he coaches and trains in and around their home town of Easton, Pennsylvania, putting on hundreds of miles a week even in the off-season. In fact, Bill rides his bicycle to his aunt’s house, about ninety miles from home, every year on Thanksgiving Day, no matter what the weather. He sets out on his cycle before Virginia leaves the house in the car with the food she brings to share at the family meal.


Virginia says they frequently arrive at the same time, but Bill gets far more attention than Virginia does. All the cousins storm out of the house, bringing Bill hot apple cider and holiday treats to replenish him after his arduous trip. Virginia jokes that she often stands quietly by in a snow bank, holding her casserole dishes and waiting for someone to notice her instead of her husband.


Our family all love Bill and we are very proud of him. But this annual scenario reminds me that we often pay attention to those people in life who “make a splash” by having some outstanding talent, some highly observable trait that we admire or envy. The quiet casserole-bearers often go through life overlooked and underappreciated. Both are loved by God; some just get more human attention than others.


The Bible says we all have talents, big or small, and each person’s talent is equally important to God. Let’s remember to notice—and express our appreciation—for those who perform small, quiet tasks that keep the world going. It’s not all about the most visible, but also about those who perform in the background.


Let us be ever mindful, Dear Lord, of the talents of all Your beautiful children. May we show appreciation for the smallest gift brought in Your name. Amen


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