Immigrant Children.jpg(Jesus) said to them, “Let the little children come to Me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. Mark 10:14


My home state of Minnesota recently began receiving immigrant children separated from their parents upon crossing the southern border of the United States. Several weeks prior, the man posing as the president of our country announced a “zero tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings, setting in motion prosecutions of all persons crossing the border, regardless of their status or requests for asylum. In just seven weeks, over 2300 children—including infants–were separated from their parents and sent to detention facilities around the country. The international outcry was deafening. Then, after blaming the Democrats for not taking action to change a policy that he himself had created and could undo, our illustrious leader backtracked and signed an executive order ending the separations. A United States District Court Judge then issued a subsequent nationwide injunction to reunite already separated families within a specified amount of time, but it was noted that the government “has no system in place to keep track of, provide effective communication with, and promptly produce” the separated migrant children.


Sarah Brennes, director of the refugee and immigrant program at the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, said these children have already suffered “layers of trauma,” even before being separated from their parents. The families made the dangerous journey from their homes in Central America because of profound violence and unrest in their home towns. A chance at a new life in the United States was seemingly worth the risk. These children are scared. “We can’t treat children as little adults. They aren’t little adults,” said Alison Griffin, an attorney representing immigrant children.


This is not the way of Christ. Jesus valued children, all children. In fact, He said children, in their innocence and wonder are closer to what God wants us all to be than adults. The immigration crisis in our world will not end as long as there are wars and greed and sin—which is to say until Christ Himself returns. Let us use our minds, hearts, spirits and votes to respond to this situation. There but for the grace of God might go all of us.


Saving Lord, free us from intolerance and oppression. Make us worthy of Your Kingdom. Amen


Meg Blaine Corrigan is the author of three books: Then I Am Strong: Moving From My Mother’s Daughter to God’s Child; Perils of a Polynesian Percussionist; and Saints With Slingshots: Daily Devotions for the Slightly Tarnished But Perpetually Forgiven Christian. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of New Mexico and has worked with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and war veterans.  Her books may be purchased through her website, or from .

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