BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING by Guest Blogger, Diana Merkl

Abraham PrayingI will bless you and make your name great so that you will be a blessing. Genesis:  12:2


I have shared this old Chinese proverb often, but it has always been a teaching tool to me. There was once an old farmer who had a mare.  One day the mare broke through a fence and ran away.  “Now you have no horse to pull your plow at planting time”, the neighbors said.  “What bad luck this is.”  “Good luck, bad luck”, the farmer said. “Who knows?”


The next week the mare returned, bringing with her two wild stallions. “With three horses you are now a rich man,” the neighbors said. “What good fortune this is.”  “Good fortune, bad fortune,” the farmer said. “Who knows?” That afternoon the farmer’s only son tried to tame one of the stallions, but he was thrown and broke his leg. “Now you have no one to help with the planting,” the neighbors said. “What bad luck this is.” “Bad luck, good luck,” the farmer said. “Who knows?”


The next day, the king’s soldiers rode into town and took the oldest son of every family, but the farmer’s son was left behind because of his broken leg. “Your son is the only male in the land who has not been taken from his family”, the neighbors said. “What good fortune this.”


It seems that story is so important to me because that is how my blessings have been. Things in my life that have looked to be a good blessing have become a poor choice and things that have been bad luck have turned into a blessing of the best kind. I often think that’s how my view of God from this side of the world must be.  Exactly what I think God wants is exactly what turns out to be materialistic and selfish on my part. I am so blessed. I am so blessed to have good friends that remind me of the important things of life. I am so blessed to have you.


Shall we pray:  How many times and ways can we say thank you to You O God. Thank You over and over for all the blessings You give us even when we are blind to their value.  In Jesus name.  Amen.


Diana Merkl is a fellow survivor of major trauma.  She and Meg attend the same church; and Diana describes herself as a prayer warrior.  She is an accomplished public speaker, writer and poet.

Contact her at

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