Red Squirrel

Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image… and let them have dominion…over all the wild animals of the earth.” Genesis 1:26


Our property is home to many kinds of wildlife: songbirds, frogs, snakes, grey squirrels, and one cute little red squirrel that lives under our deck. I’ve never seen another red squirrel around. Why doesn’t he have any other little squirrel friends or a squirrel girlfriend? He torments our dogs and eats all my birdseed, but he’s so cute, I’ve never had the heart to chase him away.


When my husband was out of town, our dogs were restless all night long one night. When I let them out the next morning, I heard a strange noise in the living room. Imagine my surprise when I found the little red squirrel looking up at me. He was at least as surprised to see me as I was to see him, and he promptly bounded down the stairs into our basement. I scurried down right after him, not to try to catch him, but to shut the door, for heaven’s sake! I didn’t want the little rascal to come back up those stairs! It slowly dawned on me that he must have gotten in through the dog door, and been in the house all night, upsetting the dogs.


Squirrels can be very destructive when they are someplace they’d rather not be. Like inside a house. I am blessed with wonderful neighbors, and here they came, like the Ghost Busters, three grown men toting live traps, ladders, work gloves and snacks. They set traps. They searched the basement. “Are you sure you saw him inside?” they asked repeatedly. When they left, they said, “You’ll know if the squirrel gets into the live trap because he will make a ruckus.” No ruckus. No squirrel. Monday, after my husband came home, we called an exterminator who was very helpful. “Open all the windows in the basement,” he said over the phone, “and the squirrel will leave.” Duh! We opened them, the squirrel got out and the adventure was over.


God provided a solution to my squirrel problem through my neighbors and the exterminator, even if the squirrel never realized humans are supposed to have dominion over them!


Maker of All Living Things, teach us to live peacefully with all Your creatures. Amen


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